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First Tarrant County Youth Poet Laureate

The first Tarrant County Youth Poet Laureate for 2023 was recently named in a ceremony hosted at TCC Trinity River. April Lynn Pelton, a teen author and poet passionate about sharing her love for reading and writing with others, received the award. hat you do or inform them about other subjects. 

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Dallas Galleria

Author April Lynn Pelton is a middle school student who developed a love for writing in elementary school. During the COVID-19 quarantine, April focused on her childhood dream of becoming an author. Her first book, The Grove of 100 Wishes, deals with the subject of bullying. April’s second book, I Am, I Can, I Will, is meant to empower children.

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Channel 5 Interview

A 12-year-old from Fort Worth is doing something good through her latest book.

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Channel 4 Interview

Down time during the quarantine really sparked some creativity for people. April Lynn Pelton, a 12-year-old Fort Worth middle school student, spent her time writing two books.

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Shout Out DFW

April's a published author of three books: The Grove of 100 Wishes, I AM I CAN I WILL, and An Enchanted Tale With A Twist. Her books focus on anti-bullying, kindness, and inspiration, but they also incorporate education and self-care. 

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Voyage Dallas

If this business has taught me anything, it is to take the risk. What is life if we don’t step out on faith and risk making it better and brighter? This world is full of risk-takers. I have never heard of a success story that has happened without risks. Taking chances on opportunities has taken me far.

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CanvasRebel Article

For me, leaving a legacy means that I did enough of God’s good work that it changed at least one life. I want to be remembered as a woman who feared the Lord and positively impacted others. Every day, I am working at becoming a more God-honoring young lady and a successful person. I want to leave this earth knowing I helped change someone’s life, circumstance, heart, and more!

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Daily Fort Worth News

April Lynn Pelton has written two books. Both, “I am I can I will “and”The grove of 100 wishes, “are based on lessons that other children should learn.


Scottish Rite Article

Thank you to Scottish Rite for being an intricate part in making April's dreams a reality.

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Texas ISD

A 12-year-old from Fort Worth is doing something good through her latest book.

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Make Kind Loud

Kindness is like a seed. It will continue growing as you pass it along and will turn into a beautiful garden of kindness.


The Dock Bookshop

Author Spotlight

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The Grove of 100 Wishes is perfect for young readers because it offers a riveting story with important lessons about character.



The Grove of 100 Wishes would be a welcomed addition to any child's home library, a classroom library, and even a school library. It can be used to discuss a variety of SEL topics.

L. Henderson


 This story is irresistible and so, too, should be the lesson taught. In brief, The Grove of 100 Wishes is bound to be a winner, in both a home and school setting.

L. Henderson


The content of The Grove of 100 Wishes Workbook is quite detailed and it certainly gives value for money.

Kid's Picture Book Review


The Grove of 100 Wishes is a great book for teaching children about how to treat other people and the back of the book is filled with lots of extras for additional learning.

Kid's Picture Book Review


I AM I CAN I WILL is the best learning book I have received to date. If you are in the stages of teaching your child to read, I highly recommend it.

L. Henderson


I Am, I Can, I Will is a well-conceived book that should attract a wide audience of youngsters and adults/educationalists from across the world.

L. Henderson


The I Am, I Can, I Will Workbook is a life-enhancing, thoroughly joyful text that deserves to find a place in any home or school that caters for the early reader.