Products We Offer

The products we offer include character building exercises, in addition to promoting kindness, inclusion, and daily affirmations. The companion workbooks are designed to assist parents and educators in teaching reading, writing, SEL, and essential life skills. 

Product 1

Ayanna is a girl with a big heart who loves helping others. Her benevolent spirit is tested when her siblings tease her and challenge her efforts in helping strangers along a journey that is meant to test each of them and teach a valuable lesson about character. What will Ada and Ade’ learn along the way? Travel with each of them to understand more about integrity, respect, and humility in The Grove of 100 Wishes.


Product 2

Bullying has become one of the main problems associated with the increase of anxiety in children and is one of the leading causes of the rise in self-harming practices. Many of the youth I've been blessed to work with struggle with patience and reflection. It is hard for them to slow their minds down to think about their thoughts and actions. One of the goals of this workbook is to educate youth on the importance of building good character, reflecting on thoughts and actions, and considering their daily choices. To assist parents and educators in reinforcing these skills, resources, lessons, and activities are included in the Social/Emotional Learning section. Another goal is to help build reading and writing skills. This workbook embeds English Language Arts & Reading concepts to improve literary analysis skills and improve writing skills with a revising and editing section.


Product 3

I Am, I Can, I Will is a book that encourages children to treat others with respect, encourage them to make responsible choices, and inspire them to reach for their dreams. Everyone has God-given talents and gifts that should be used to uplift others and positively impact our world. I AM, I Can, I Will is designed not only to remind each child that they are beautiful, special, and uniquely made, but is intended to teach valuable lessons along the way. You will find Social and Emotional Learning Skills, in addition to Phonetic Awareness Tools that are embedded throughout to teach reading skills. The ultimate goal is to create a culture of learning through the power of literacy, and to instill positive character development skills in our future generation. 


Product 4

Reading performance is a concern in many schools across the United States. Students are struggling more with comprehending what they are reading and keeping up with assignments due to fluency (speed & accuracy) and stamina (endurance). If students aren't able to read with fluency, stamina, and comprehension, they will struggle in all subject areas because reading is embedded across the learning spectrum. One of the goals of this workbook is to develop and build reading skills. Phonetic Awareness Tools are embedded throughout this workbook to help children learn how to read. You will find helpful terminology used in classrooms to bridge the gap between home and school. There are also additional activities that will make learning fun. This workbook also includes an SEL (Social & Emotional Learning) section, which educates kids on the importance of building good character, showing kindness, speaking positive affirmations, and developing a growth mindset. The ultimate goal is to create a culture of learning through the power of literacy and instill positive character development skills in future generations.